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About Us



We are Munc Storytellers, Max and Ull. We are a team of photographers and filmmakers who are passionate about the art of photography. 

What we do?  

We specialize in wedding photography and film and see ourselves as storytellers. We combine author photography and some concepts from the fashion industry. The result are unique pictures with the freshness of spontaneous shots. No "posing" (although we also take the typical photos that the family demands ;-)).



How we do it?

Every wedding is unique for us. What makes it so special is you sharing the special moment with your friends and guests. And we want to record and save these personal moments for you. Instead of just being another "provider" at your wedding, we want to feel like guests, be one of you (be there with you rather than awkwardly for you). There is nothing better for us than telling your story with our pictures. We do everything we can to preserve your memories for you to be able to pass them on over the years from generation to generation. We are aware of this responsibility. We start our work early with the preparations because we consider them as an important part of the story. We would like to meet you and accompany you on your special day. Our aim is to reflect every moment as authentically as it actually was, in it’s own light. We try (whenever possible) to avoid external lights and flashlights.


We are based in the Bonn area and are always ready, no matter how long the journey is, to travel to your wedding. We only  charge the fee for our work and pass on the actual expenses as they accure - no hidden fees. We have already told wedding stories in Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Switzerland. 


Thank you for your time!
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